Friday, May 23, 2008


Ok, I really cant escape soccer at the moment and after a kind of thrilling Champions League final I feel somewhat relieved. Do I really like Manchester United? No? Do I really like Chelsea? Why would I? So who do I like? I like 'The Special One'. It was Jose Mourinho and his ability and entertainment value that actually got me into English soccer in the first place and to see the team he built with passion and determination fail in Europe's biggest stage was in my humble opinion, JUSTICE! No on else should get credit for the team he built. Avram Grant really looks like he needs a fucking good ass sleep and quite honestly I dont like the douche bag as you may have read before.

Nonetheless, the way everything happened to Chelsea was almost as exciting as the result! Lets be honest now, that goal they scored was a fluke and shouldnt of happened, it was in a way their 'luck' that got them into the game. But to see Mr. Bigshot John Terry cry when that same luck turned on them and to see Didier Drogba lose his cool while Joe Cole and Ashley Cole couldnt keep their mouths shut was priceless and only accentuated what i said all along: THIS IS NOT A TEAM! Any goofball can sit and watch this high powered roster make a run at all the trophies but to really manage all these egos and actually win medals requires a solid 'team' mentality. This strength must be built on a purposeful mission that is guided by a cool, calm and confident demeanour, sort of like a Roger Federer in the soccer world; unfortunately they looked more like Andy Murray.

Soccer is over for now and I rest confident that Avram Grant and Roman Abromavitch have finally been served.

Jose, yor time is now! See you in Italy!

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