Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Tonight is the glory of European football, the Champions League final between Manchester United and Chelsea! This is the ultimate showpiece and as one of million fans from all over the world I can only hope that this will be a game 'of no regrets' rather than a 'chess match'. With so many sub-plots,and the strength of Manchester United over Chelsea, this is sure to be a game of actual real football with Man U's strategy of 'winning the match' outpowering Chelsea's powering 'do not lose' mentality!

For me the 2 most important figures in this match are Cristiano Ronaldo and Avram Grant. Although Ronaldo has been near perfect this season and has led Man U to the title, he must put in a game-changing performance tonight to shut the critics up who rightly say he doesnt have 'big match' temperament. Holding that thought most of you know I dont think much of Avram Grant and quite frankly I hope he loses his job tomorrow; anyway, his acquisition of the brilliant team Mourinho built and simply keeping the train together with his 'lets try not to lose' mentality has actually spiralled backward from the entertaining football Abromavitch has called for - yes in my opinion he has killed the game and he will undoubtedly try to do the same tonight. He will be undoubtedly influential with his inability to match Ferguson in a swift game of tactics and substitution.

In any case, Ronaldo and company will simply outpower Chelsea and give us the final we deserve - with their unmatched team spirit and flair we are in for a treat of passion, magic and history. "From Russia With Lust" is the icing on the cake for United, 3-1 will be your score.

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If your so in love with european soccer and everything then why do you call it soccer and not football like its supposed to be called.